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Decamethylene diamine

  • Decamethylene diamine

Decamethylene diamine

  • NAME: Decamethylene diamine / 1,10-Diaminodecane 
  • CAS NO.: 646-25-3
  • EINECS NO.: 211-471-9
  • HS CODE: 29212900
  • APPEARANCE: White Flake Solid
  • FORMULA: C10H24N2 
  • M.W.: 172.31
  • APPLICATION:  pharmaceuticals, textiles, and cosmetics, 
  • especially for nylon production

Decamethylene diamine (1,10-Diaminodecane ) is a highly versatile organic compound that is used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, and cosmetics. It is a type of diamine, which means it contains two amino groups (NH2) attached to a hydrocarbon chain with ten carbon atoms. The compound is commonly used as a building block or intermediate for the synthesis of various chemicals and polymers. The compound plays a crucial role in the production of nylon-12, a popular polymer used in various applications such as automotive fuel lines, electrical connectors, and flexible tubing. we produce high-purity Decamethylene diamine (1,10-Diaminodecane), please contact us to [email protected] if you have any question.

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