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C21 Dicarboxylic Acid

  • C21 Dicarboxylic Acid

C21 Dicarboxylic Acid

  • NAME: C21 Dicarboxylic Acid
  • CAS NO.: 53980-88-4
  • EINECS NO.: 258-891-1 
  • HS CODE: 3824-9999
  • APPEARANCE: Brown Yellow Liquid
  • FORMULA: C21H36O4 
  • M.W.: 350
  • APPLICATION: Coemulsification, Corrosion inhibition, Lubrication, 
  • Wetting Agent, Semisynthetic and synthetic oils.
  • It can be the equivalent to DIACID 1550.

NOVACID M2100&M2190 is C21 dicarboxylic acid and 5(or 6)-Carboxy-4-hexyl-2- cyclohexene-octanoic acid containing about 10% oleic- and other fatty acid which is a multifaceted dicarboxylic acid (diacid) ideal for co-emulsification, corrosion inhibition, lubrication and wetting in soluble, semisynthetic and synthetic oils. it can be the equivalent to DIACID 1550. Made from sustainable materials and renewable resources, NOVACID MA2100&M2190 is resistant to bioactivity, yet still biodegradable. NOVACID MA2100&M2190 has been known globally in the metalworking fluid (MWF) industry as an excellent co-emulsifier in soluble oil and in semisynthetic metalworking formulations

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